The Magickal World of Voxx

Episode 5 – Questions

You have questions Voxx has answers. Sacred Geometry, Asteroids, Aliens the upcoming Polar Shift and how to prepare.

Episode 4 – Numerology 

Discover your true path, unlock secrets to enhance all aspects of your life! Voxx hits ya with another ‘Magickal World’ this episodes focus? Numerology baby!

Episode 3 – Bibliomancy

DO YOURSELF unlock all of life mystery using just a book! Voxx the worlds most accurate physcic shows all as she dives into Bibliomancy! AMAZING!

Episode 2 – Sex Magick

Episode No.2: Voxx talks all about Sex Magick! Learn how to turn your energy into material and karmic blessings by having SEX!

Episode 1 – Asteroid: Impending Doom

Ep. 1: Originally aired Saturday, January 24th. Voxx talks about the near miss meteor and the terrifying after effects.



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2 thoughts on “The Magickal World of Voxx

  1. Watched out of curiosity, expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised by the content, accuracy of info and the sheer fun of it. Damn it… I’m hooked. ~Frater SUM~

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  2. Why has no one written anything about this incredibly accurate prediction? Voxx has impressed me… I’m usually not interested in psychic predictions, but Voxx was eerily specific about the timing of superstorm Juno. ~Frater Sum~

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